AUGUST 30, 2001

Blockos. | Medicom’s “Kubrick” line of toys -- the ones that look like Lego minifigs, but are actually too big to be used with Legos -- are quite popular these days. Given that, Playmates is getting into the action with The Simpsons “Blockos” (sketches only). The adults look okay, but the kids look weird.


AUGUST 27, 2001

Knoxville. | Here’s a tip: don’t knock Jackass until you’ve seen it.


AUGUST 26, 2001

Weekend Recap. | My mom got a new dog, a yorkshire/maltese mix. She’s really small. The dog, not my mom.


This is what my table looked like BEFORE I cleaned today. Things to look for: two Netflix envelopes; we ain’t got no car #6; A Clockwork Orange; a Mike Vallely video; the PRAYSTATION CD-ROM; and the empty envelope from my “tax relief”, among other things.


I sold something on Friday. The buyer paid me in cash. Notice how the big bills are on the outside. You can bet I enjoyed the walk home with that fat wad of money in my bag.


Some of that money was used to buy a new Intellimouse Explorer. The rest of the money will go towards...


...a brand new iBook. Man, what a cool little machine. I hated the previous, “toilet bowl”/“clamshell” design, but this current one is very slick.




AUGUST 25, 2001

Untitled. | From The Digital Bits:

Almost Famous Untitled: The Bootleg Cut (Director’s Edition) is a 3-Disc set (2 DVDs and 1 music CD) that includes a NEW Director’s version, the original Academy Award winning version and an additional music CD of 6 never before released songs by Stillwater! Available at the S.R.P. of $34.99, the Director’s Edition includes 36 minutes of never before seen footage! Exciting new bonus features on the DVD include a new director’s commentary, cast audition tapes, deleted scenes, the shooting script, new menu music by Nancy Wilson and much more.

No street date yet, but unless it comes out tomorrow, it'll be too long of a wait.


AUGUST 24, 2001

Fuck Them In Their Stupid Asses. | Yeah, I’m changing my mind. Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back definitely did NOT hold up the second time. I laughed quite a bit during the first screening, but this time... two, three times, maybe? One thing that really fucking bothered me were the references to the previous movies. (Spoiler warning...) If I wanted to hear Brodie say “Do you want a chocolate covered pretzel”, I’d fucking watch Mallrats. Same with Dante. It’s a shame that, years later, he still isn’t supposed to be there, but when he has three lines in the movie and two of them are that, that’s going too far. Whatever.


AUGUST 21, 2001

FQFF. | FORCEQUIT at Fresh Froot.


AUGUST 19, 2001

The Master Of The CLIT. | Caught a sneak preview of Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back last night. Here’s my take. I’ll be as general as possible to avoid spoilers. But if things like “Will Ferrell wasn’t funny” is a spoiler to you, stop reading.

Jay and Bob

First, did I like it? Yes and no. It was very funny. I haven’t laughed so hard since... well, Ghost World. But if I hadn’t seen Ghost World a couple weeks ago, that sentence would say “I haven’t laughed so hard in months”. The “hunting season” bit was awesome, Ben Affleck was great (it was nice to see he has no trouble making fun of himself), and the end was perfect.
      There are a few problems with the movie, and the biggest one is the story. The first and last third of the movie were good. Lots of funny moments, lots of hat tips to the previous flicks. But the middle... it was weak. Boring, really (although seeing Shannon Elizabeth, Eliza Dushku, and Ali Larter in tight black outfits helped). Basically, the Will Ferrell part. It wasn’t funny. Given his track record as a film actor (The Ladies Man, anyone?), he might want to give it up and stick with SNL.
      So the second problem is... let’s just say GLAAD wasn’t totally off-base with their accusation. While I think the audience (maybe not the audience I saw the movie with, but in general) is smart enough to know that homophobia isn’t cool, it’s still uncomfortable to watch. And those “jokes” were pretty frequent.
      Another thing that bothered me were the cameos. Cameos in general don’t bug me, but lots of times it seemed like the scene was just an excuse to get so-and-so into the movie again. I realize that this is the send-off movie, the last time we’ll get to see all of these characters, but the movie suffers when they’re all squeezed in just to squeeze them in.
      Again, it wasn’t all bad. Of the five movies, I would put this one at 3, behind Clerks and Mallrats, but before Chasing Amy and Dogma, but keep in mind that the more I see the last two, the less I like them, so it might not be saying much.
      It’s definitely worth checking out, regardless of what I say is wrong with it. And make sure you stay for the credits, as the song that plays is great, and, as with all Smith films, there are some surprises.
      One last thing. If you’re looking forward to lots of Brodie, you might as well just watch Mallrats again, as you’re going to be disappointed by his one an only scene.
      (I’ll save my bad theater experience story for another time.)


AUGUST 17, 2001

One More Thing. | A quick follow-up to the The Royal Tenenbaums item below: I would like to say that the official site is fucking amazing. It’s the most impressive movie site — shit, the most impressive site, period — I’ve seen in months. Beautiful design, great motion, great content. Great job.


AUGUST 16, 2001

Commerce. | For the View Askew fans, check your local theater listings, as Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back will be publicly sneak previewed Saturday night, the 18th. I’ve already purchased my ticket for the San Francisco show at the AMC 1000 Van Ness.


Also, for all the “Brodie” fans, the shirt Jason Lee wore in Mallrats is available for pre-order at The Stash.

- - - - -

Intolerance. |

This is a one-time only mailing and you’re not added to any list. You won’t receive any email from us again. This email cannot be considered to be spam as: ADV appeared in subject; Valid return address provided; One-time only mailing thus no removal required. However we still deeply applogize (sic) if this still disturbed you. A little more tolerance for each other and this world will be just like heaven. Thank you!

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The Most Anticipated Movie Of 2001. | Yes! The trailer for the new Owen Wilson/Wes Anderson film, The Royal Tenenbaums, is online at Yahoo. No! It’s only available in Windows Media. [Update 08/17: the film’s official site is now live, and it has the trailer in three different formats, including a high-quality QuickTime.]
      The Royal Tenenbaums is a comedy about a family of geniuses, and it stars Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Luke Wilson, Anjelica Huston, and Gene Hackman. It will be released around Christmas.


AUGUST 15, 2001

Rotoscope. | Waking Life, the new “animated” film by Richard Linklater, has its trailer up at Apple, and it looks pretty fucking cool. If you have access to back-issues of Res, try to find the one from the end of last year/the beginning of this year, as its cover story was on the making of Waking Life.
      Speaking of trailers, not only has the From Hell trailer been removed from Apple’s site, but the official site is now blank. That doesn’t seem like a good sign.


AUGUST 14, 2001

Shudder To Think. | For some reason, something horrible has been going through my mind these past few days. I remember an episode of The Golden Girls, where the girls are about to go on a cruise, but before they go, in anticipation of scoring, they go to the store to buy some “protection”.
      Help me.


AUGUST 12, 2001

In Fucking Full Effect. | Caught the Vagrant America show last night at the Great American Music Hall. It’s a tour put out by Vagrant Records, who I first heard of by way of the Before You Were Punk comps. (I hear #3 is in the works.) Vagrant artists on the tour include The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, Dashboard Confessional, No Motiv, Ultimate Fakebook, Hey Mercedes, Reggie And The Full Effect, and Saves The Day. Those last four bands are the ones that played last night.
      I’ve never heard Ultimate Fakebook, and still haven’t. Some moron (me) got the times screwed up, and thought the show started at 9, but it actually started at 8. So I totally missed Ultimate Fakebook and I missed most of Hey Mercedes. Hey Mercedes was the band I wanted to see most last night, and in fact there was quite an ordeal involving Ticketweb originally listing HM as playing on Sunday, then moving them to Saturday after I already bought tickets for Sunday, but luckily, the guy at Ticketweb was cool and let me exchange tickets. So after all that fucking trouble, I got the time wrong and only got to see them perform two songs. From what little I saw, I thought they were pretty good. I will say that they were too fucking loud. I hate it when I can’t make out vocals over the guitars and such, and that was the case here. That also applied to Saves The Day, who played last. I guess they were okay, but I think that, because I wasn’t familiar with their songs and couldn’t make out what they were saying, I couldn’t really get into it. Plus, they acted like they were nineteen (which they were, I think), which is something I’ll get back to in a second.
      Reggie And The Full Effect was the third band (out of four), and they stole the fucking show. They were so goddamn entertaining. They did their pop songs (“From Me 2 U”, “Girl Why’d You Run Away?”, etc.), they did some of their heavier songs (“Something I’m Not”), and they did a couple of their joke songs (“Boot To The Moon”, “Gloves”, and the closing song, “Dwarf Invasion”). It was such a fun set, because while they’re playing their pop songs, they’re all doing the devil horns with their hands, they’re playing their guitars while laying on the ground, and I’m pretty sure I heard some “guitar talking”. They had a guy dressed as a bear come out and scream during one of the songs. Before doing their last song, “Dwarf Invasion”, the band ran off stage, then came out all wearing viking hats. The singer also had a big sword, which he used to hit the drum kit towards the end of the song. That performance will definitely make my list of XX best shows I’ve seen.
      Back to teenagers. Anyone who starts every sentence with “Oh my GOD!” is going to annoy the shit out of me really quick. And lucky me, there was such a girl behind me during the whole show. And it was always stupid shit that she was getting excited about. While Reggie was setting up, some of their lights started blinking. Her: “Oh my GOD! This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen!” Basically, throughout the whole show, the best and/or most exciting thing ever happened to her repeatedly. Also, she and her friend were sitting at a table that was kind of elevated, and whenever they saw a cute guy walk by, they would “accidentally” knock over their water bottle, in hopes of him picking up for them. But it was only for two fucking hours, so it wasn’t THAT annoying.


AUGUST 10, 2001

Rules Broken. | I was looking for info on All-Time Quarterback, the side-project of Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, when I came across this entertaining video for the song “Plans Get Complex”.

So here it is, there's nothing much more to it than this: we went out with my mini DV camera. He lip synced to the CD on the headphones you see. I resynced it by eye later on. I cut it. Here it is.

The syncing isn’t perfect all the time (could be a compression thing), but it’s definitely worth checking out. For a $6 budget, they did okay.
      If you can find a copy of the EP the song came from (I haven’t been able to), check that out as well. The songs on it were made using broken instruments, and it has a very cool sound.
      Oh, the new DCFC disc, The Photo Album, will be out October 9th. Can’t wait.


AUGUST 07, 2001

DVD Bullshit. | If you were thinking of buying the upcoming Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory: 30th Anniversary Edition DVD, don’t. Warner, for some reason, dropped the anamorphic widescreen transfer of the film, leaving just the full frame version. According to The Digital Bits, the rationale was that Warner is making their more “family-oriented” discs full-frame only. Whatever. No widescreen edition is planned at this time. Oh, and of course, that rationale doesn’t totally make sense, because The Goonies, which is arguably another “family” movie, WILL be presented in anamorphic widescreen.
      Speaking of The Goonies, DVD File has a review of the disc, and it looks pretty good. The only thing that sucks (at least, until I actually get the disc and change my mind) is that the deleted scenes are rolled into the “outtakes” feature. Not a big deal, I guess. The video commentary looks cool. Instead of popping up a little window of the recording session into the corner on the frame (like on the Mallrats disc), they put the movie into the corner and the recording session into the main frame. Pretty smart. Oh, notice the clothes they’re wearing in the video commentary. They’re wearing the same clothes that they were in that picture on AICN. And I’m not trying to imply that they all wear the same clothes all the time, I’m saying that picture was probably taken the day they recorded the commentary.
      (Don’t you love it when people explain things that are pretty obvious?)

- - - - -

The Last Of The Photos. | (Notice the medieval lamp in the background of photo 1.)

dragon battlin' shrek

dragon battlin' shrek

dragon battlin' shrek

dragon battlin' shrek


AUGUST 06, 2001

Misc. Crap. |


audio, vst, doyle

praystation hardrive

i, the mullet

mouse, blurry

mouse, tron


AUGUST 05, 2001

Ship Shape Plus Grape Apes To Play Tapes. | At the parents’ house for the weekend. Took the bus, as always. Here are some pictures taken during the first five minutes of the trip. (I gave up after that.) I’ll have some more tomorrow.

the bus

the bus station

the bay bridge (blurry)

the cone (standing)

the cone (fallen)



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