SEPTEMBER 30, 2001

Ordinary People. |

ordinary people

It’s a long-ish exposure picture of my TV, taken while I was watching Ordinary People.


SEPTEMBER 29, 2001

Chuck. |


Photo taken at The Stork Club, which is where I'll be again tonight.


SEPTEMBER 28, 2001

Akira. |



SEPTEMBER 27, 2001

Utility Knife. |

utility knife


SEPTEMBER 26, 2001

I Might Be Wrong. | In November, Radiohead is releasing a live album called I Might Be Wrong, featuring songs from Kid A and Amnesiac (for the most part). Check out this quote from the Sonicnet article:

There are no plans to promote I Might Be Wrong with further touring, [Radiohead’s] spokesperson said.

To promote a studio album, a band goes on tour and plays live. So if a band releases a live album, shouldn’t they promote it by getting into the studio and recording?

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‘Jerry Falwell: Is That Guy A Dick Or What?’ | Oh, The Onion, you fucking rule.

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Bulbing. |



SEPTEMBER 25, 2001

Storm. | There was a pretty sweet thunderstorm here in San Francisco yesterday, with lots of great lightning. It started raining on my way home, so when I got home, I set up my DV camera, facing out the window, hoping to catch some footage. Unfortunately, I forgot to switch the camera from auto- to manual-focus, so the video came out with lots of blur-twitching. Still, I was able to pull out some, uh, stills (the one towards the end is bluer because it was taken quite some time after the ones before it):










And just for fun, a QuickTime. This is more about the clouds, not the lightning. The clip was originally 19 minutes, time-compressed to 1 minute, so you can see the clouds moving and forming, and you can even see the sky getting darker. (QuickTime 5.02 or later required.)


SEPTEMBER 24, 2001

Question. | Does anyone have recent sales figures for hotcakes? I’m wondering if they’re selling like hotcakes.

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Snapple? |



SEPTEMBER 23, 2001

A Sad Story, But Not The Sad You’re Thinking. | It happens a lot, actually. I’ll go out to buy something specific — today, rechargeable batters — and not only do I buy a ton of other crap, but I end up not getting what I set out to get in the first place.
      I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time finding batteries. Obviously, I’m looking in all the wrong places. I mean, how silly was I to think CompUSA or Radio Shack would have some?
      Anyway, after CompUSA but before Radio Shack, I stopped off at Virgin and picked up a couple books: Powers: Who Killed Retro Girl? and Tomato; Real And Imaginary Flowers (Ginko Press, publishers of the Tomato book, have a lot of cool shit on the way: a reprint of Vaughan Oliver’s This Rimy River, The Attik’s Noise Four, and a photography book by David Carson, Trek). After Virgin, after taking BART back to 24th St, I was walking towards Radio Shack when I happened to look across the street. My jaw dropped from what I saw, but, interestingly enough, I didn’t stop walking. I kept towards the Shack, but kept my eyes (and jaw) fixed upon the store with the “Grand Opening” sign hanging from it, Growell Co. There’s a Growell’s on Clement St., near the Heroes Club. You’d go to Growell’s to check out action figures and other moderately priced toys, and then you’d walk a couple blocks to the Heroes Club to look at all of the ridiculously priced (but beautiful) model kits and 12” figures. And now there’s a Growell’s two blocks from my apartment. Once I got in and looked around, realizing how much cash I had on me, I turned to ask the guy at the register if they took Visa. But I saw the sticker on the register before I even had to ask, so I asked him something else, something a tad stupid: “Do you have big bags?” Of course they have big bags, dummy. Good thing, too, because I walked out with Akira, Joker, and Kaneda from Akira, and Major Kusanagi from Ghost In The Shell. They had almost all of the new Movie Maniacs, but I’m going to skip them (except Jaws, which they didn’t have).
      So yeah, toys. Probably the most exciting thing to happen all week. Draw whatever conclusions you wish from that.

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The Bridge Theatre |

the bridge theater


SEPTEMBER 22, 2001

Speck. | How does the slogan go? “If you haven’t seen it before, it’s new to you”? Borrowing from that, I’ve collected 72 photos that I’m going to post one day at a time, starting today. Some are alternate shots of photos that have already gone up either here or there, some were used in FORCEQUIT covers, some placed in the random image rotation above, and some I just never got around to posting. Hopefully — unless I fucked up — you’ve never seen them before (in full). Enjoy.



SEPTEMBER 20, 2001

Soft-Launch. | FORCEQUIT’s swan song is now live for the world to see (DNS-willing): Good Vibrations, “promoting sexual health and pleasure since 1977”. FQ did the front end design and production. If you’re looking to buy some adult toys, books, or videos, check it out.
      (I’m not kidding about DNS, either. A couple hours ago I was getting the new site, but now I’m getting the old. How will you know which one is old and which one is new? Trust me, you’ll know.)


SEPTEMBER 19, 2001

Pix. | Photos taken at The Coffee Gallery, September 15th, 2001, just before From Monument To Masses started their set, and just before my camera’s batteries died.








SEPTEMBER 18, 2001

Technicalities. | Let me ask you something, Mr. Showbiz, if you’re so smart: “Near Miss at WTC for Duchess of York”. Wouldn’t a “near miss” be a “hit”? If someone has a “near death” experience, that doesn’t mean they were killed, it means they were ALMOST killed. So wouldn’t that headline mean they ALMOST missed the Duchess? Or, hit her?


SEPTEMBER 17, 2001


After years of collaboration on a wide range of projects, threatmedia* and FORCEQUIT have merged to become THREAT. [ more ]


SEPTEMBER 16, 2001

Award-Winning. | I’ve yet to see the issue, but at least the winners of Communication Arts’ Interactive Design Annual 7 are online. One of the winners is the Driveway demo, featuring Flash work by FORCEQUIT.


SEPTEMBER 15, 2001

Did Anyone See The Movie TRON? | A couple weeks back I mentioned the upcoming Simpsons “Blockos”. Medicom, the company that makes the Kubrick line of toys (the inspiration for the “Blockos”), is releasing four sets of figures based on Tron:
      Set A comes with Yori, a blue male (not sure if it’s Tron or Clu) and a yellow light cycle.
      Set B comes with a blue male, a tank, and a red light cycle.
      Set C comes with a guard, a Guardian ship, and a yellow light cycle.
      Set D comes with Sark, the Master Control Program, and a blue light cycle.
      Speaking of Tron, the 2-Disc 20th Anniversary Edition DVDs come out January 15th, and Tron 2.0 is in the works.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2001

Wow. | Amazon has set up a disaster relief fund. As of this writing, more than 41,000 people have contributed almost $1.2 million. Again, wow.


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Tragic. | What a sad day.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2001

Why I’m Not Getting An Xbox. | DVDs already ordered, arriving in the next couple weeks to couple months, in order of release:
      Blood Simple, Cape Fear (1991); Citizen Kane, The French Connection, Heathers, The Simpsons: The Complete First Season; The Godfather DVD Collection;
      Still to order:
      The Terminator; Monty Python And The Holy Grail; Shrek; The Sopranos Complete Second Season;
      What? No Star Wars: Episode I?
      Yeah, that’s right.

- - - - -

Resfest Recap (2 of 2). | As much as I love film titles, Saturday’s “Openers 01: The State of the Art of Film Titles” was a tad disappointing. I think the biggest problem is I didn’t think the entries were that good. There were some standouts, like Imaginary Forces’ titles for both Along Came A Spider and Bedazzled, the titles for Final Destination by Carla Swanson, and the hilarious sequence for Torrente 2 Misión en Marbella by David Guaita. But the “titles” for Hedwig And The Angry Inch didn’t do much for me. Some pulsating circles, what seemed like a really long song (with no titles or anything over it), and then finally some more circles and the title shot. What was I supposed to be impressed by? The song? I guess I was at the wrong program. Another issue was length. Hedwig was way too long, and on the other hand, while they looked cool, Blind’s work on Dogtown And Z-Boys was like ten seconds long. It was over so fast I didn’t have time to get into it.
      I think the reason I liked the Imaginary Forces ones more than some of the others was theirs seemed more than just an interesting way to treat type. Like Tape. It was cool how the letters came on screen as if they were tape, but after a couple names it got boring. Along Came A Spider, however, did do the cool type thing, but it also did a good job at setting a mood with the macro shots of monitors, the pulsating colors, and the creepy John Ottman music (the same music from The Usual Suspects). It had substance.
      Bottom line: I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s funny, before the show got started, the group behind me was looking at a free issue of Artbyte that was available on the tables outside the theater. There’s an article by Yoshi Sodeoka
      which has a quickie Bryce render he did. The caption says “Total time spent: 58 seconds”. “Yeah, it looks like it” was one of the guy’s response. Same goes for the show. The folks who did the introduction mentioned there was a relatively short call for entries. A month, I think he said.
      Yeah, it looks like it.


SEPTEMBER 09, 2001

Resfest Recap (1 of 2). | Oops. I fucked up and deleted the “Cinema Electronica” recap. Long story short, it was very good. Since the post is gone forever, check out this cool Gorillaz sticker sheet they gave away at the show:



SEPTEMBER 05, 2001

The Future Of Filmmaking. | Resfest kicks off in San Francisco tomorrow night. I’ll be at the always entertaining “Cinema Electronica”, Friday, 10 PM, as well as “OPENERS 01: The State of the Art of Film Titles”, Saturday, 3 PM, which I’ve never seen before (the “01” would lead me to believe this is the first year of the program, but I could be wrong). Should be fun. Actually, it better be fun for $10 per ticket per program plus surcharge.

- - - - -

Stand. | Photos taken at the Stork Club, August 31st, 2001, just before the debut show of From Monument To Masses, the new band featuring FORCEQUIT's own sergio robledo.

The last photo would make it into my top ten photos if the word "Budweiser" wasn't so visible in there.


SEPTEMBER 02, 2001

An Empty Theater. | Photos taken August 29, 2001 at the Bridge Theater, just before the 9:40 PM show of Made.


SEPTEMBER 01, 2001

Con$ole. | The Xbox is available for pre-order at Electronics Boutique. And guess what? I’m NOT going to order one. First, I think the bundles are bullshit. Why do I have to get three games minimum? (I mean, I know why, obviously. Still, it’s bullshit.) More importantly, though, is that I’m not too excited about any of the launch games. Dead Or Alive 3 looks awesome, but not enough to warrant me getting an Xbox. There’s Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2x, which should be cool, but Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 will come out for the Playstation 2 a couple weeks before 2x, so why bother with 2x? And then there’s the GameCube...
      I’m sure I will get one eventually, just not right away.



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