About This Site

Although the name might suggest otherwise, I assure you that this site has nothing to do with either heavy metal or gun shots. Instead, I’ve decided to offer up junk relating to design, entertainment, and crap about me. And some amateur photography.

This site is powered by Perl. I wrote both the content delivery scripts and content management scripts by myself, for myself. I was planning on releasing them to the public at some point, but the odds of that happening are getting slimmer and slimmer. I recommend looking into Movable Type.

I support the WaSP’s Browser Upgrades campaign. If you are not using one of the browsers listed on their site, exitwound may not display properly. Please do not email me with questions about why Netscape 4 doesn’t show the site correctly, because I’ll tell you right now, it’s a big, old piece of shit and you should get either Netscape 6 or one of the alternatives.


About Me

My name is Frank Kolodziej (pronounced kuh-LOW-jay). I was born 03/22/77 in Marysville, CA, a town about forty miles north of Sacramento. I currently live in San Francisco. My profession is in design; most of my money is spent on DVDs; right now I am probably wearing Homer Simpson slippers; and my computer of choice is a Mac.

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Georgia, Verdana
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Mrs Eaves
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Bickham Script MM
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Kepler MM Expert
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